The Pavan Aviation

The Pavan Aviation

There’s something about the Aviation cocktail – it’s balanced, so why not start to swap out some ingredients and create a Pavan Aviation? The Elderflower Aviation is one example, and this recipe calls for Pavan instead of the traditional Creme de Violette.

The Pavan Aviation Ingredients
The Pavan Aviation Ingredients

This recipe lets the Pavan flavors shine through just a bit, although the usual purple color of the Aviation is gone. No worries – it’s so delicious it won’t last long in your glass.

The Pavan Aviation

This clever variation of the Aviation gin cocktail pairs Pavan with the cherry, gin, and citrus flavors. Easy and delicious!


  • 1.5 Oz. Gin
  • .75 Oz. Lemon juice
  • .5 Oz. Maraschino liqueur
  • .5 Oz. Pavan
  • Lemon For garnish
  • Luxardo cherry Another garnish option


  • Start by letting your coupe glass chill a bit.
  • In a shaker, combine your Pavan, gin, maraschino liqueur, and lemon juice with ice.
  • Shake for about half a minute or so.
  • Strain into your empty coupe glass.
  • Garnish with lemon.
  • You can also garnish with a Luxardo cherry to play on the maraschino liqueur flavors.

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What’s going on with all of these liqueurs?

Besides being flavorful, liqueurs add a bit of alcohol, so your drinks become more potent. Liqueurs are a type of liquor, and are generally sweet drinks, made possible by the addition of flavors, flowers, citrus, oils, and extracts.

Maraschino liqueurs, like Luxardo, are heavy on the cherry, and a prominent flavor in the Aviation gin cocktail.

The Pavan Aviation
The Pavan Aviation

Elderflower liqueurs, like St. Germaine, are heavy on the sweet florals. Made from flowers of the elderflower shrub, it’s almost sticky.

Pavan is a liqueur made from sweet grapes with notes of orange blossom. It’s also sweet and floral, which makes it a great substitution for Elderflower if you care to experiment.

Violet liqueurs, such as Creme de Violette, are literally made from violet flowers. In nature, or in the lab. Hard to say, sometimes. Shockingly, it’s sweet and floral. It’s also super purple, which in small doses can make a drink look gray. Add more for the purple color, but you may overpower everything else.

How to garnish your Pavan Aviation cocktail.

If the cherry flavors of the maraschino liqueur are your absolute favorite, toss in a Luxardo cherry to garnish your masterpiece. If you want some color and texture, drop it in your glass.

Aviation Gin Cocktail with Luxardo Cherries
Pavan Aviation Gin Cocktail with Luxardo Cherries

I prefer to accent the citrus flavors of the Aviation, so I go for a twist. If I’m feeling especially tart, I’ll express the oil and then drop the rind in my drink.

Or top it all off with a paper umbrella. It’s your show.

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