BVD Americano FI

BVD Americano

The BVD Americano is a slightly tweaked version of the super boozy and bold BDD cocktail. Where can you get rum AND gin? Here. You can get it here. The original calls for gin, rum, and vermouth. Sounds amazing! But now make it fancier with Cocchi Americano instead of vermouth.

BVD Americano 2
So many rich colors and flavors to this BVD.

The fun part of making a drink like this happens when you start to mix up the brands and flavors of the ingredients. I tend to use a London Dry for mixed drinks, of course that can change. This recipe is commonly made with dark rums that have aged for a while, but you should use what you have. We used Diplomatico as that’s what we have! The final ingredient, Cocchi Americano, takes the place of vermouth.

BVD Americano

The BVD Americano takes a rich and bold rum and gin drink and turns it a bit. Use Cocchi Americano instead of vermouth for new tastes.


  • 1 Part Dark rum
  • 1 Part Gin
  • 1 Part Cocchi Americano


  • Add your ingredients and plenty of ice to your mixing glass.
  • Swirl to mix and cool things off. Swirl some more, just becuase you can.
  • Strain into a coupe glass.

BVD Americano 1

Notes on the BVD Americano

I made this recipe using 1 oz. each of the ingredients, and it worked out well. There’s so much punch in this drink that 2 oz. each would knock me out.

Cocchi Americano is a great, and mild, Italian apéritif, made from wine and spirits. There’s an element of herbs and spices, too, and the classic bitter aftertaste. But it’s quite subtle, and no where near as bitter as Campari, thank goodness.

You do want to store your Cocchi in the fridge, just as you would vermouth. Cocchi lasts about 3 weeks or so in the fridge, and the label even has a handy spot for you to jot down when you last used it.

Cheers! Make good choices!

BVD Americano 6
Thank you for sharing!