• Gin and Rosé Garden Cocktail

    Gin and Rosé Garden Cocktail FI

    The Gin and Rosé Garden Cocktail Cocktail is a creative and delicious way to mix up your favorite rosé wine with gin, elderflower, and garden flavors. It's gorgeous, and delicious.

  • Gin and Cabernet Sour

    Gin and Cabernet Sour FI

    The aptly named Gin and Cabernet Sour is a creative and delicious cocktail, and perfect for that leftover red wine. It's gorgeous to boot, and easy to create the layers.

  • Sauvignon Gin Cocktail

    Sauvignon Gin Cocktail with Mint and Lemon FI

    If there’s ever a time you can’t decide betweeen a cocktail and a glass of wine, make a Sauvignon Gin cocktail. Best of both worlds. The gin in this drink amps up the punch, and there’s plenty of wine flavors left to enjoy. And it’s really easy to make! You could use any white wine for this drink, I just prefer the dry varieties. Any white would do, and know…

  • The Feisty Pony Gin Refresher

    Feisty Pony Gin Refresher FI

    Sometimes you accidentally stumble upon a great concoction and create a Feisty Pony. But you can’t think of a catchy name, so you tell your bud it’s gingery, with a hint of flowery. And an inkling of lime and mint. And you mention that it’s spicy, depending on the ginger beer you use, and she calls it the Feisty Pony. A tip of the hat to a mule, only better.…

  • The Pink Hussy 75

    The Pink Hussy 75 FI

    This drink, the Pink Hussy 75, happened because I invited some friends over for a French 75 Roulette brunch. Basically we just mixed gin and juice and some liqueurs and topped it off with bubbly things. You can thank Andrea for coming up with this one, and it’s name (ahem). It’s sweet, but not too sweet. The grapefruit really cuts the Pavan, and you can always use less when you…

  • Cider and Gin Cocktail

    Cider and Gin Cocktail with Rosé and Apple Garnish FI

    This Cider and Gin cocktail is not only pretty, it’s fresh and light. Your choice of cider could make this fresh and summer, or cold weather ready. This version features rosé cider, which adds a light apple taste as well as a fresh wine flavor. Bring up your favorite flavors in this drink by adding the best garnish. Use apples to highlight the cider, or use juniper or herbs to…