• Grapefruit and Lavender Gin Martini

    Grapefruit and Lavender Martini FI

    This lovely and easy gin cocktail pairs lavender syrup, which is quite easy to make, with grapefruit juice for the perfect sweet and tart balance.

  • Fresh Rosemary Simple Syrup

    Rosemary Simple Syrup FI

    Make this delicious and easy Rosemary Simple Syrup for cocktails and cooking. Sugar, water, and fresh rosemary come together in a few minutes!

  • Spicy Watermelon and Gin Cocktail

    Spicy Watermelon and Gin FI

    Take advantage of fresh, homemade watermelon juice to make the Spicy Watermelon and Gin cocktail. Add hot and spicy bitters to your taste!

  • The Sweet Honey 75

    Sweet Honey 75 Gin Cocktail FI

    If you like honey, sweet things, or happen to be a bee, the Sweet Honey 75 may be just what you need. It’s also easy to turn the honey volume up or down on this gin drink, depending on just how into honey are you. You may be wondering why there are so many 75’s out there to try. For me, it boils down to opening some prosecco or champagne…

  • The Almond Gin Sour

    Almond Gin Sour Cocktail FI

    Is the Almond Gin Sour full of almond flavor? Not really. Is it super sour? Not really. Is this gin drink even good? YES. It’s awesome. This gin drink is smooth, gin positive, and there is a great hint of some orange flavor. You may have already heard of this drink, it’s some times called the Hotel Georgia. It originally popped up in the book, Bottom’s Up. This 1950s gem…

  • The Chestnut Cup Gin Cocktail

    Chestnut Cup Gin Cocktail FI

    Ladies and gents – if you love bitter, the Chestnut Cup is for you! And despite its Pepto-esque color, it’s not chalky at all. My only notes on this drink are “totes bitter” and “what a punch”. Obviously, the bitter taste comes from the Campari. Perhaps you know of Campari from the world famous Negroni? Well, it’s gorgeous and bitter all at the same time. Like an ex? But –…

  • The Strawberry Bearcat Gin Drink

    Strawberry Bearcat FI

    Is the Strawberry Bearcat a tiki drink? I think so – it certainly tastes like one. It also has orgeat syrup in it, which doesn’t make it officially tiki, but it’s close. Up for debate. What makes this drink so unique is that the gin is really a background player here. The fresh berries, the barely perceptible tart and bitters, and the creamy orgeat take center stage. For this recipe,…

  • Make Your Own Orgeat Syrup

    Orgeat Syrup FI

    Orgeat syrup is one of the most etherial cocktail ingredients that has such a wonderful taste. You can buy orgeat syrup, you can also make your own. It’s easy to turn almonds into a tiki drink lover’s best friend. Fun fact, orgeat is also known as liquid marzipan, so if that’s your favorite sweet treat, you are in luck. Before you start making this treat, which is really easy, do…