Chill Your Glass

How to chill your glass for the perfect Gin and Tonic. Or really, any gin cocktail.

There are few true secrets to creating the perfect Gin and Tonic.  But there are rituals to undertake, steps to follow, and traditions to honor.  A lovely and refreshing Gin and Tonic starts with a chilled glass.  

The use of a chilled glass allows the flavors of your gin to remain and not become so quickly diluted by the ice that will eventually float throughout your cocktail.  A ritual of flavor purity, if you will.  

Cocktail glass getting chilled
Just chilling before this ice gets “recycled” and the gin comes in.

There are several options to obtain your perfectly chilled gin vessel.  

  • Set out your glass, and fill to the brim with ice.  Many a skilled bartender will also take the time to stir the ice within the glass before setting aside for a few moments.  As garnishes and ingredients are prepared, the glass rests and chills. 
  • You may also place your glass in the fridge or freezer.  This can create a nice frosty finish on your cocktail glasses.  In the fridge, your vessel may need only an hour or so, longer for the fridge chilling method.  Pull your glass out just before you pour your gin. 
  • If you have an ice bucket, which incidentally can be quite fancy and decorative, you can also chill your glasses here.  Fill your bucket with ice, and place your glasses in the ice upside down to chill.  Carry on with your preparations.  

Note – if your fancy ice bucket or beautifully designed wine chilling bucket or *GASP* your cooler is filled with beer, it’s OK.  Simply remove the beer and replace with your gin vessel of choice to get nice and cold.

Priorities, people, priorities. 

Before you pour your gin:

Any ice that you used to chill your glass should be tossed. Quite literally tossed. Be dramatic and perhaps stomp out of the room as well. You only want fresh ice that hasn’t started to melt for your Gin and Tonic. It seems theatrical. And it seems unnecessary. It even seems that if you don’t have a dog that loves ice cubes, you should get one so everyone can enjoy gin time.

Then, and only then, when your gin’s future home in the shape of a beautiful glass is cold, can you carry on with your gin making duties.  

chill your cocktail glasses
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