• Jolly Gin Giant

    Jolly Gin Giant Cocktail FI

    This horribly named gin cocktail is a great way to use fresh cucumbers, mint, and basil with gin. I give you, reluctantly, the Jolly Gin Giant. And it's quite good.

  • The Lumiere Light

    Lumiere Light with Chartreuse and Elderflower and Lime FI

    Such a strange drink! Boldly herbal Chartreuse hangs out with Elderflower and lime for a surprising mash of flavors.

  • Lime, Gin, and Chartreuse

    Lime, Gin, and Chartreuse FI

    Light your taste buds on herbal fire with this wild drink. Yellow Chartreuse brings the spice here!

  • Pimm’s and Gin

    Pimm's and Gin FI

    Pimm's No. 1, Gin, Fernet Branca, Fruit, Ginger Ale. Herbal and light and refreshing, with some salad mixed in.

  • Rye Be Bitter

    Rye Be Better Gin Cocktail FI

    The Rye Be Bitter seems like a really good idea! A little bit of rye gin, some crowd-pleasing Aperol, and some citrus to round it all out. It ended up being a total deal-breaker between hubby and I… I loved it, he didn’t. I though it was light and fresh and citrusy, he though it was “all rye and all juniper” and nothing else. Go figure. With all of that…

  • The Apropos Cocktail

    Apropos Cocktail with Gin, Chartreuse, Aperol FI

    This complex gin creation pairs gin, Chartreuse, and Aperol to make the Apropos Cocktail. There’s a bit of lime thrown in there for some unknown reason, this drink is just pure flavor from all directions. Strange flavors, at that. The Chartreuse, yellow in this case, adds a boatload of herbal flavors, while the Aperol adds some bitterness and citrus and even some rhubarb. Lime is just an afterthought! If you…

  • Gin and Chartreuse

    Gin and Chartreuse FI

    Not many cocktails are as simple as this Gin and Chartreuse. You just can’t go wrong with three ingredients. The Chartreuse really takes the lead on this one. This cocktail is also unique in that it’s not super light, nor is it super heavy. Sort of the best of both worlds, especially since the yellow Chartreuse packs such a flavor punch here. It’s just enough without going overboard. Chartreuse is,…

  • The Aperol 75

    Aperol 75 Gin Cocktail FI

    The Aperol is sort of like a French 75, and it’s sort of like an Aperol Spritz. The best of both worlds, I say! It also nixes any lemon juice that you would find in a traditional French 75, which really helps the Aperol take the lead in terms of flavor here. Aperol is the gentler, softer cousin to Campari. It’s also an Italian apéritif, like Campari, designed to get…

  • The Gintermission

    Gintermission Gin Cocktail FI

    This gorgeous gin cocktail takes it’s inspiration from the Opening Act cocktail, becoming the Gintermission. The opening act artfully pairs ginger and Campari flavors with club soda. This version ditches the club soda in favor of gin. The beauty of this drink is the ever so subtle Campari bitterness on the tongue. The other fruit and ginger flavors are equally subtle and make for a delightful and colorful way to…

  • Arsenic and Old Lace Cocktail

    Arsenic and Old Lace Cocktail FI

    This version of Arsenic and Old Lace is a cocktail, not a movie. You may recall the old film of the same name, with Cary Grant in the lead. This gin cocktail takes less time to make and enjoy than watching an oldie, but goodie. This cocktail is also fairly absinthe forward, which means you might end up getting punched with more licorice flavor than you know what to do…