Rosemary Simple Syrup FI

Fresh Rosemary Simple Syrup

It’s easy to make your own fresh rosemary simple syrup! I suppose you could use it for things other than cocktails, but why would you? As usual, making a simple syrup starts with a few ingredients – sugar, water, and some sort of “flavor”. In this case, it’s fresh rosemary.

Rosemary Simple Syrup Ingredients
So easy to make.

Rosemary Simple Syrup

Make this delicious and easy Rosemary Simple Syrup for cocktails and cooking. Sugar, water, and fresh rosemary come together in a few minutes!


  • 1 Cup Sugar
  • 1 Cup Water
  • 3-5 Sprigs Fresh rosemary


  • Add your water, sugar, and rosemary to a small saucepan.
  • Bring barely up to a boil, stirring occassionally.
  • When the sugar has melted, turn off the heat and let the concoction steep for about 10 minutes.
  • Remove the rosemary.
  • Continue to let the syrup cool before bottling.
  • Store in the fridge!

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How to make fresh rosemary simple syrup!

This couldn’t be easier. Add your water, sugar, and rosemary to a small saucepan. You don’t even need a lid.

Start to heat things up, you may barely get to the beginnings of a boil. The sugar should be dissolved by now.

Rosemary Simple Syrup in Bottle

Turn off the heat.

Let things steep in the pan for about 10 minutes. Obviously, the more rosemary you use and the longer things sit, the more potent your flavor will be.

When you have your desired flavor, remove the rosemary.

You may need to let things cool a bit before bottling.

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