Gin Basics

Aside from being the best spirit on the planet, gin is an adult libation with a medicinal past.

Gin basics – Gin is the basic ingredient of several classic cocktails, and the resurgence of gin’s popularity over vodka means we have so much more to choose from.

The history of gin, the styles of gin, the tastes, and flavors of gin all create gin culture. But how do you drink gin? From the vessel to the tonic to the garnishes, let this entire sarcastic and sometimes touching website be a guide for you.

Gin and Tonic With Lime Twist
lime in gin and tonic rocks glass

There’s more to happy hour than just grabbing a beer, make it an experience by partaking in a cocktail. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a gin cocktail, but it should be.

From gin’s humble start in Holland all of those centuries ago, to the modern day and hipster twists on gin, follow along for all things gin. And don’t forget to order it first.

There’s no end to the creativity that gin inspires, so go ahead, try some of the recipes, and partake responsibly.

For exploring more of the gin basics, read these page-turning thrillers:

The History of Gin

Gin Vessels – learn what type of glassware to use, and when, or ignore all of it and do what you want.

Chill Your Glass – gin is best served icy, so chilling your glass helps keep your gin from watering down. A chilled glass helps.

Gin Waters – learn about the types of waters (yes, it’s a thing) and what goes best with your gin cocktail.

I’m Clara, and I’m open to positive feedback and recipe suggestions. Trolls can go away, you don’t deserve gin anyway. Email me at any time with your gin wishes! Clarat @ firstordergin.com.