• The Cherry South Side

    Cherry South Side Gin Cocktail FI

    The “regular” South Side is a delightful drink, the Cherry South Side is just as good, perhaps even better. All it takes is the quick addition of some fresh cherries to your smashing mix, and you are good to go. It’s May now, and the cherries are starting to show up in the stores. Grab some when they are here! I typically make the South Side with Tanqueray’s Rangpur gin,…

  • The Savory Gin Martini

    Savory Gin Martini Salted Rim

    Why, oh why, would you every make the Savory Gin Martini? Well, you would if you like salt and sweet and super subtle flavors. This drink is unremarkable if you want something to punch your lights out, but highly enjoyable if you are looking for smooth flavors. In a fancy martini glass. I find that the amount of grenadine greatly influences the flavor of this drink, and even the smallest…

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    Casino Gin Cocktail FI

    If you happen to be as obsessed with food, drink, recipes, and all things bar and kitchen, you need Yummly in your life. Think of it as a Pinterest-esque foodie paradise, but easier and more logical than Pinterest. It’s beyond easy to get involved in the Yummly community. Sign up at yummly.com. Use the YUM button on all of the posts you love here at First Order Gin. You can…