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All of the sometimes fascinating and sometimes boring things about First Order Gin that you never knew you wanted to know about.

I’m Clara – gin fan and blogger. I have other interests, also, but mostly they all boil down to creating and enjoying gin. Because gin is always in fashion, and goes with everything.

I’ll add that I don’t EVER want to be that blog where you computer screen is covered in ads and the content is splattered between more and more and more ads. My least fave thing is pop up and automatically playing videos! Super not OK. I’ll also break all the rules about putting the recipe last, so you have to scroll past me recollecting some story about the first time I tried this, that, or the other. Splattered with ads.

I’ll trust that you will tolerate the few ads I have, and return over and over because the recipes are delightful and you can easily find them.

What is First Order Gin?

It’s a celebration of all things gin – from recipes to history to gin culture. It’s my way of sharing my love of gin with you.

What do you want to see? Read about? Steal the recipe for? Send me an email with your gin wishes to Clara @ firstordergin.com and I’ll help you right out.

Who is First Order Gin?

I’m Clara. I love gin. I even love virgin gin when I just don’t feel like drinking the hard stuff. Because sometimes mocktails > cocktails. Occasionally.

My torrid love affair with gin started years ago when I began to fully embrace the Gin and Ginger. Sometimes with a lime, sometimes not. I had been a beer drinker and dabbled a bit in wine, but the Gin and Ginger was my go-to when I wanted to feel “fancy”.

Years later, the Gin and Ginger morphed into the classic Gin and Tonic, for me. I was introduced with the sedate and generic versions. You know, the well gin and basic tonic or *gasp* club soda if a bar just didn’t know what’s what.

gin and tonic with lime twist
Gin and Tonic with lime twist – served in the best glass ever for savoring every last bit of aroma and flavor

Enter Portugal.

A wonderful vacation there had me dreaming of fantastic reds from Duoro and Spanish Cava and all sorts of amazing and exotic wines.

The hotel bar essentially threw a huge wrench in that plan with their Vanilla Fig Gin and Tonic. What was this sorcery? Gin had more flavors than just “regular”? You could ditch the lime for new and exciting flavors?
Even the tonics have flavors?

And that was just the first night.

After a week in Portugal savoring their red gins and different varieties, I flew over to Barcelona for a few days. This is where I learned the art of crafting a Gin and Tonic. The proper chilling, the proper glassware, the proper way to actually use lime in a Gin and Tonic. HINT – don’t drop it in your glass – the absolute HORROR.

I was hooked. Not on phonics, but on gin.

Next came London, Paris, Brussels, all in search of the local gins and flavors. Then Ireland, where I dare say GIN > WHISKEY in some spots.

Is it “wrong” to book a hotel based on the fact that their hotel bar has 507 different gins from around the world? It’s not wrong, not wrong at all. PS – it’s in Galway, the Forster Court Hotel.

So here I am. Clara. With the gin obsession. Remember… when you arrive, first order gin.

PS – I think it’s important here to remind you to drink responsibly and legally. Most of the recipes you find here can also be made with non-alcoholic spirits and ingredients, such as Seedlips or flavored syrups.

Gin and tonic with mint and blueberries because why the gin not.
blueberry mint garnish collins glass gin cocktail

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