The Negroni

Head over to Italy to find the roots of the Negroni gin cocktail.

This gin cocktail is as bitter as my personality, but much more delicious. Rumor has it that a certain Italian gentleman, a certain Count Camillo Negroni, ordered his favorite cocktail, the Americano. But not really – he wanted gin instead of soda, and an orange garnish instead of lemon.

And the Negroni was born.

Bitter. Just like my soul. In the best possible way!

This is not a cocktail for the sweet lovers out there, it’s pungent and strong and hailed as the world’s best apéritif. The apéritif is a drink designed to consume before a meal, to stimulate the appetite, and are traditionally dry.

The Negroni

The classic gin cocktail, the Negroni, began in Italy. Perhaps it's the world's most bitter apéritif, but who cares. It's dry, it's delicious, it has a healthy slice of orange, it preps you for a lovely meal.


  • 1 part Gin
  • 1 part Campari
  • 1 part Vermouth Use the sweet or semi-sweet red Vermouth here.
  • 1 Orange slice


  • Gather your liquid ingredients into a cocktail stirring glass. Save the orange for snacking and garnishing.
  • Add ice and stir. So far, so simple.
  • Strain into a rocks glass over some fresh ice.
  • Add your orange wedge garnish.


How is the garnish prepared? Depends.
In Italy, the only Negroni cocktails I had included a sliver of orange tucked down the side of the glass.
Other places, I’ve seen a wedge on the edge of the glass, or a simple orange peel.
If you want to add more pungent orange oil flavor, skip the wedge or sliver of orange and go right for the rind. Twist your orange peel over your cocktail, run along the edge of the glass, toss it in your glass, do all three if you like.

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Play with your Negroni!

You have every reason in the world to mix up the Negroni gin cocktail at home to your taste. Like really – this drink is not for everyone, so experiment a bit.

  • Change your liquor. Keep the gin (OF COURSE) but switch the Campari out for something else. Like Suze, Jägermeister, or even something like tequila. Remember that this drink is seriously harsh, so you may want add a softer liquor.

  • Change your Vermouth. No need to go dry if you crave a little less bitter. Sweet Vermouth is just fine here, too.

  • Change your Negroni’s garnish. Really. Orange can be replaced with cherry, grapefruit (?), lemon, or any other citrus you have in the pantry.

If you seem to really like potent gin drinks, try the Gibson or the Gin Martini. Oops, I meant AND.

the negroni gin cocktail
Negroni – Italian gin drink with Campari and citrus.