Verbona Blossom Gin Cocktail FI

Verbona Blossom Gin Cocktail

The fragrant and light ingredients of this Verbona Blossom gin cocktail make it perfect for spring and summer months. And, since it has cukes, it’s really like a salad. And adult salad.

Verbona Blossom Gin Cocktail Ingredients
Your Easy Ingredients

The ingredients are simple, and the flavors and nose are outstanding. This is, unfortunately, a great way to down them without taking your time. Pace yourself!

Verbona Blossom Gin Cocktail

The Verbona Blossom Gin Cocktail combines light and refreshing flavors with great cucumber aroma.


  • 1.5 Oz. Gin Go for any style you like!
  • 1 Oz. Sweet Vermouth
  • .25 Oz. Lemon Juice
  • 3 Slices Cucumber
  • Soda For bubbles.


  • You can make this drink right in your rocks glass!
  • Add ice and pack your cucumber slices on the sides.
  • Add your ingredients and stir in the glass.
  • Top with club soda or your favorite fizzy water to finish.

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What is vermouth, anyway?

So glad you asked. All vermouth begins life as white wine. Then, in a fit of flavor and chemistry, the wine is aromatized with flavors from herbs, fruit, spices, and even bark. Vermouth is also fortified, which pumps up the ABV higher than “regular” wine.

You can drink vermouth on it’s own, or not.

Variations on the Verbona Blossom.

In the Verbona Blossom, the vermouth softens the gin and just works. You could add some muddled cukes to the mix, also, but I think that’s a bit of overkill unless you absolutely love cucumbers. They are so fragrant in this drink already.

Verbona Blossom Gin Cocktail with Cukes and Lemon
Verbona Blossom Gin Cocktail with Cukes and Lemon

You can add more, or less, soda if you like. There’s not a lot of room for soda in the rocks glass. Using a Collins glass is an option if you want to dilute the gin and sweet vermouth just a bit more. Otherwise just topping your drink with soda works.

Verbona Blossom Gin Cocktail 6
Verbona Blossom – Thanks for sharing!