• Aperol and Gin Sour

    Aperol and Gin Sour FI

    Celebrate some lovely citrus flavors with this Aperol and Gin Sour. Let the Aperol take center stage and add just a hint of bitterness.

  • Rye Gin Smash

    Rye Gin Smash FI

    There is no easier cocktail to make than the Rye Gin Smash! Three fresh ingredients and you are done. Rye gin, fresh orange, and mint. Definitely use a fresh orange to smash up, and fresh mint to release all of the intense oils and fragrance to your cocktail. And what the ever loving gin is RYE GIN? It’s really rather simple – the base is rye, and only rye. Other…

  • Lime, Gin, and Chartreuse

    Lime, Gin, and Chartreuse FI

    Light your taste buds on herbal fire with this wild drink. Yellow Chartreuse brings the spice here!

  • Pimm’s and Gin

    Pimm's and Gin FI

    Pimm's No. 1, Gin, Fernet Branca, Fruit, Ginger Ale. Herbal and light and refreshing, with some salad mixed in.

  • The Sweet Honey 75

    Sweet Honey 75 Gin Cocktail FI

    If you like honey, sweet things, or happen to be a bee, the Sweet Honey 75 may be just what you need. It’s also easy to turn the honey volume up or down on this gin drink, depending on just how into honey are you. You may be wondering why there are so many 75’s out there to try. For me, it boils down to opening some prosecco or champagne…

  • The Martinez, with Orange

    The Martinez Cocktail with Orange FI

    There’s something so decadent about this classic gin cocktail, but now it’s the Martinez, with orange. Or has it always been that? The gold standard of cockail recipe books, The Savoy Cocktail Book by Harry Craddock, lists a recipe for the Martinez to include either maraschino or orange liqueurs. Gotta love booze options! I already posted a recipe for the Martinez with Luxardo, a maraschino liqueur. It’s a much different…

  • No Spritz For You – Gin and Aperol Cocktail

    No Spritz for You FI

    The No Spritz For You Cocktail is right up your alley if you love Aperol, but think that the Aperol Spritz is old news. This cocktail is also a bit punchier than the traditional verion with bubbles, so you have that going for you. This gin drink is also a bit bolder in terms of flavor and the grapefruit brings some new layers of flavor. And this drink is SO…

  • Honey Ginger Gin and Tonic

    Ginger Honey Gin and Tonic FI

    If you think the Honey Ginger Gin and Tonic will be a liquid cough drop, you are mistaken. This s**t is perfect if you happen to love soft, subtle flavors, like honey, lemon, and ginger. And can you ever go wrong with a G & T? Absolutely NOT! For this beaut, we used a simple London Dry. The honey flavors were just enough to discern them from the rest of…

  • The Aperol 75

    Aperol 75 Gin Cocktail FI

    The Aperol is sort of like a French 75, and it’s sort of like an Aperol Spritz. The best of both worlds, I say! It also nixes any lemon juice that you would find in a traditional French 75, which really helps the Aperol take the lead in terms of flavor here. Aperol is the gentler, softer cousin to Campari. It’s also an Italian apéritif, like Campari, designed to get…

  • The Chambord 75

    Chambord 75 FI

    Raspberry lovers, unite! The Chambord 75 is a fun way to twist up the traditional French 75 cocktail. This recipe really lets the raspberry flavors come out, and I even skipped the lemon juice so it’s pure gin, raspberries, and bubbles. The perfect brunch cocktail. Chambord is technically black raspberry liqueur from France, made from blackberries and raspberries. It’s your choice, either way, to highlight either flavor. Customize the Chambord…