Aperol and Gin Sour FI

Aperol and Gin Sour

It’s no surprise that this Aperol and Gin Sour cocktail is delightfully delicious. Really. The bold citrus flavors of the Aperol come out, and there’s just enough hint of the bitter on the back end to make this a truly nice sipping cocktail.

Wow this drink is good!

Aperol is, without a doubt, the “it” drink of summer. It’s an Italian aperitif, along the same lines as Campari, just much less bitter. But bitter, nonetheless. Orange, rhubarb, and other bright citrus flavors really shine here. The simplicity of this drink, and the somewhat overpowering nature of Aperol, lend itself to have a London dry gin as your gin of choice. There’s no need to interfere with the bitter citrus goodness here.

Aperol and Gin Sour

This easy and delicious, yet barely bitter, cocktail is the Aperol and Gin Sour. Option to use egg white for a frothy and foamy head if you like.


  • 1.5 Oz. Aperol
  • 1.5 Oz. London dry gin
  • .75 Oz. Lemon juice
  • tsp Simple syrup
  • Egg white optional for foam


  • In your cocktail shaker, combine all of your ingredients.
  • Add ice and shake up.
  • Strain into your coupe glass.
  • Garnish with your choice of fruit!


If you are using egg white to create foam, dry shake the ingredients first to create the foam. This takes a bit. Longer than a normal shake.
Then add some ice for a quick shake and cool down.

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Aperol and Gin Sour with Orange
Use fresh juice if you can!

How to mix up the Aperol and Gin Sour.

Obviously the first thing you can do is add egg white to make things foam up. This makes me unhappy, so I don’t do it. I just can’t get on board! Using egg whites for foam is a process, you need to shake without ice for about twice as long as normal to really mix things up. Then add your ice for a few quick shakes, then strain.

Aperol is one of those liqueurs that can all of a sudden make you regret every purchasing it, so adjust this recipe accordingly. You may find that you need to add more Aperol.

If you accidentally overdid it on the Aperol, toss in a sprinkle more lemon juice and gin to re-balance things.

Same goes for the simple syrup – adjust accordingly. I personally love the actual tartness of a true sour drink, so there’s not much called for in this recipe.


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