Rye Gin Smash FI

Rye Gin Smash

There is no easier cocktail to make than the Rye Gin Smash! Three fresh ingredients and you are done. Rye gin, fresh orange, and mint. Definitely use a fresh orange to smash up, and fresh mint to release all of the intense oils and fragrance to your cocktail.

Rye Gin Smash with Mint

And what the ever loving gin is RYE GIN? It’s really rather simple – the base is rye, and only rye. Other gins may have a touch of rye as a base, but are usually wheat, corn, barley, or some combination of those. St. George makes a delightful rye gin, and it’s easily dropped into any cocktail recipe that calls for a rye whisky. The malty flavors take center stage instead of the juniper and other botanicals in this gin.

Rye Gin Smash

The Rye Gin Smash is an easy way to enjoy some new gin flavors with the addition of mint and orange! This lets the malty rye flavors of rye gin shine.


  • 2 Oz. Rye gin
  • .25 Whole Orange – don't peel it!
  • 5 Fresh Mint leaves


  • In your cocktail shaker, add you 1/4 orange and mint leaves. You may want to chop the orange into smaller pieces.
  • Smash it all. Really well. Rage smash, if that suits you.
  • Add your rye gin and ice to your shaker.
  • Shake well, even more so than you normally would.
  • Double strain to filter out all mint and orange chunks.

Rye Gin Smash Ingredients
Rye Gin Smash Ingredients

Notes on the Rye Gin Smash

If the thought of smashing up fresh fruit makes you happy, there are a few other smashing recipes out there.

The South Side is perhaps my absolute favorite, super fresh. Add cherries for the Cherry South Side, or use key limes for the Key West Side.

There’s also the Pineapple Mint, and Rosemary Orange.

And the best reason for smashing up fresh fruit – peel and all – is to get all of those amazing oils released. Such a deep burst of flavor.

There’s not need to add any syrup to this cocktail – the orange juice that you make takes care of that. Should you pick another fruit to make this with, add a bit of simple syrup to counteract any tartness of a lemon or lime.

Let the rye shine with drink!

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Rye Gin Smash - pin this!
Rye Gin Smash – pin this!