Elderflower Gimlet FI

The Elderflower and Cucumber Gimlet

Wow this is delicious! This Elderflower and Cucumber Gimlet combines gin, elderflower, cucumber, and lime into a lovely creation. It’s also super easy to modify this to your liking, adding flavors and taking away others if you like.

Elderflower Gimlet Gin Cocktail
Elderflower Gimlet Gin Cocktail

Gimlets are traditionally served in a martini glass, but I don’t care and I wanted to use this fancier coupe I found in an antique shop. So I did. I also doubled up on the cuke flavors by using Hendricks gin, which is literally famous for the rose and cucumber flavors. Your elderflower flavors can be found in St. Germaine or even in the more affordable St. Elder. Either works well!

The Elderflower and Cucumber Gimlet

Gin, elderflower, cucumber, and lime create this Elderflower and Cucumber Gimlet gin drink.


  • 2 Oz. Gin Try Hendrick's for the cucumber hints.
  • 1 Oz. Elderflower liqueur
  • 1 Oz. Lime juice
  • Cucumber slices for muddling or garnish


  • Combine your ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice.
  • Do your shaking thing.
  • Strain into your cocktail glass, garnish with cucumber.


If you would like more cucumber flavor, muddle a few pieces of cucumber in your cocktail shaker before you add ice and shake.

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How to amplify the flavors in the Elderflower and Cucumber Gimlet.

You can always add more elderflower liqueur (or syrup if you are using that instead.) As written, this recipe is a good balance of sweetness and the other flavors. Adding more elderflower will certainly turn up the sweet.

Elderflower Gimlet Ingredients
Find a cucumbery gin for this drink.

Using Hendrick’s adds just enough cucumber flavor on it’s own, or play around with the craft gins that have cucumber flavors. If you want even more cucumber flavor, muddle a few pieces in your cocktail shaker and then add your wet ingredients and ice to shake. Definitely double strain things if you do it this way.

Of course, you can always skip the cuke gin and the extra cukes and simply mix your gin up with elderflower liqueur. Go nuts, you are the one drinking it.

Elderflower Gimlet Gin Cocktail 6
Elderflower and Cucumber Gimlet Gin Cocktail