Gin and Bitters FI

Gin and Bitters Cocktail

This is an easy take on the classic Gin and Tonic. The Gin and Bitters cocktail lets you take whatever flavor you like in a garnish and amplify that flavor with the use of corresponding bitters.

Gin and Bitters Cocktail
Gin and Bitters Cocktail, with Apple and Orange

Gin and Bitters Cocktail

Amplify the flavors of a Gin and Tonic by adding two dashes of bitters.


  • 2 Oz. Gin
  • 2 Dashes Orange bitters
  • Tonic
  • Your favorite garnish


  • Chill your balloon glass! These glasses are the best for letting the aromas collect above your drink.
  • Start to layer your drink, after you put some fresh ice in your glass.
  • Gin first.
  • Then two or three dashes of your favorite bitter. Angostura is a great one to use.
  • Top with tonic. Use a neutral tonic, like Indian or Lite Indian, to allow the bitters to stand out.
  • Garnish with large slices of apple and orange. You can also add some orange oil to intensify the garnish flavor.

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What are bitters?

Bitters are intense flavors in a liquor base. They share a similar history to our other favorite ingredient, quinine with a history of medicinal use. Quinine was meant for malaria and ended up in water. Bitters were more of a “snake oil” type of medicine and ended up in a liquor base. Feeling malaise? Have some bitters. Consumption? Bitters to the rescue.

Neutral spirits like everclear make the start of bitters. Add in some aromatics, like spices, barks, fruits, or seeds. The flavors are endless.

Gin and Bitters Cocktail in Balloon glass
Gin and Bitters Cocktail in Balloon glass.

Pair some fascinating flavors and garnishes to make your own Gin and Bitters cocktail.

Lemon, peach, orange are some basic bitter flavors that can be tossed into your Gin and Tonic with fruits you have around the house.

Or expand on this idea with some herbal bitters – mint, cinnamon, cardamom. These are easy to pair with actual herbs.

And if you like apple in your gin, you might also like this recipe for Cider and Gin.

Gin and Bitters Cocktail
Gin and Bitters Cocktail