Peppered Gin and Tonic FI

The Peppered Gin and Tonic

Sometimes you want to keep your Gin and Tonic simple, but not that simple. 

This delightful Peppered Gin and Tonic cocktail adds just a hint of flavor on top of your chosen gin and your chosen garnish.  

Peppered gin and tonic cocktail

The Peppered Gin and Tonic Cocktail

This drink works well with a London dry gin, to really let the garnish and pepper flavors come through.  

The Peppered Gin and Tonic

A take on the typical Gin and Tonic, adding some cracked pepper and a garnish for extra flavors.


  • 1 Part Gin Try a London Dry gin
  • 2 Parts Tonic water Or even a lite version of tonic
  • 1+ Sliver Cucumber Or ditch the cukes for something else


  • Grab a glass and chill it! Toss any ice that you use to chill, just before you add your ingredients.
  • Refill your chilled glass with ice.
  • Add your gin, you can pour it directly into your iced glass.
  • Let your tonic water fill the glass.
  • Top with a cuke, either on the rim or dropped right into your drink.
  • Grind black pepper right on your drink!

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Ideas on how to stack your Peppered Gin and Tonic:

Add some garnish FIRST.  Perhaps even drown a few twists of your fresh cracked pepper as you layer your gin and tonic.

Add some garnish along the sides of your cocktail glass.  Decorating your glass with garnishes is just for show, and will immediately get mucked up the moment you take a sip, but they are pretty.  It’s also easier to grab those gin-soaked cuke snacks for munching when they are only partially buried. 

The Peppered Gin and Tonic garnish
The Peppered Gin and Tonic Garnish – stack it!

Make this Peppered Gin and Tonic your own.

Create your own spiced variations with these ideas.  

Change your gin.  There are loads of pepper-infused gins on the market if you really want to spice things up.  Note – some of the peppered gins are tinged with BELL peppers – which may, or may not be, just what you are looking for.  Buyer beware. 

Change your garnish.  Ditch the cuke for mint.  Figs, celery, or any other mild veggie will do here.  I have not tried a Peppered Gin and Tonic with citrus, but you might want to go for that. 

For more on the traditional G&T, you can read this delightful recipe.

red pepper, black pepper, ground pepper
Red pepper, black pepper, ground pepper

Change your spice.  Turn up the heat with a Chili Peppered Gin and Tonic. Flakes or the real deal.  The beauty of using freshly ground pepper is that you can control how much of the flavor to add.  

Go virgin. 

You can always substitute some Seedlips for gin to make things into a mocktail.  Good for your liver and your taste buds. 

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