Water Lily Gin Cocktail FI

Water Lily Gin Cocktail

I have no idea why the Water Lily Gin Cocktail isn’t green, but who really cares. This delightful sipper has a veritable garden of flavors, from gin to orange to violette to lemon. Like a gin fueled party in your mouth.

Water Lily Gin Drink
So many delicious flavors.

It really boils down to your ingredients. You can never go wrong with Creme de Violette, and there are lots of brands to choose from. The recipe that I found calls for triple sec, but I have Cointreau, so that’s what I used. Tah-dah. You could even use some Grand Marnier if you have some. Just get that orange punch in somehow.

Water Lily Gin Cocktail

The Water Lily Gin Cocktail pairs delightful violette flavors with gin, orange, and lemon. A garden party in a glass.


  • .75 Oz. Gin
  • .75 Oz. Cointreau or other orange liqueur
  • .75 Oz. Lemon juice
  • .75 Oz. Violette liqueur


  • Combine everything in your cocktail shaker. Add ice, too.
  • Shake it up!
  • Strain into your chilled coupe glass.
  • Optional orange garnish.

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Water Lily Gin Cocktail (1)

On making the Water Lily gin cocktail:

Since it’s equal parts everything, start there. It’s easy to add a tad more of something if you want to highlight a flavor. Or two.

This drink is smoothly purple, meaning you get a nice wave of violette flavors wash over. There’s also a bit of tartness from the lemon, but nothing that will make your mouth ache.

You could throw in some sort of flower or orange garnish if you like, although this drink really doesn’t need one.

Cheers to good decisions!

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