Sauvignon Gin Cocktail with Mint and Lemon FI

Sauvignon Gin Cocktail

If there’s ever a time you can’t decide betweeen a cocktail and a glass of wine, make a Sauvignon Gin cocktail. Best of both worlds. The gin in this drink amps up the punch, and there’s plenty of wine flavors left to enjoy. And it’s really easy to make!

Sauvignon Gin Cocktail
Yes, wine and gin go together!

You could use any white wine for this drink, I just prefer the dry varieties. Any white would do, and know that you will still taste the tones and flavors of your wine.

Sauvignon Gin Cocktail

A great way to add gin to your favorite white wine, the Sauvignon Gin Cocktail also lets some lemon and mint come out.


  • 1 Oz. Gin
  • 4 Oz. Sauvignon blanc wine
  • .5 Oz. Simple syrup
  • 12 Leaves Mint
  • 1 Squeeze Lemon juice


  • Add almost all of your mint leaves and the simple syrup into your cocktail shaker.
  • Muddle your mint leaves until they are nice and smashed and aromatic.
  • Add ice, gin, and your wine to the shaker.
  • Shake it all up, and pour into your rocks glass.
  • Squeeze a lemon wedge into your drink, and garnish with the remaining mint.

Some options for you to consider when making your Sauvignon Gin.

Or Moscato Gin. What about Chardonnay Gin? Or whatever. It’s really just up to you. I ended up garnishing with a sugared lemon wheel from Trader Joe’s, although you could use a dehydrated lemon, too.

You probably want to use a dry style gin. There are lots of great US-made gins, Aviation gin is spicy and balanced and works well here.

Sauvignon Gin Cocktail Ingredients
Simple ingredients!

You can also try a mint syrup if you don’t have mint running wild in your yard. Which it tends to do. Lemon juice is better when fresh, but who really cares if you only have bottled. It’s a lot more about the gin and wine here than anything else.

If mixing gin and other types of alcohol is your jam, hit up the Cider and Gin for a great way to play with boozy apple juice.

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