The Salty Dog Gin Cocktail FI

The Salty Dog

The Salty Dog gin cocktail is just that – full of salt. It’s a riff of the Greyhound, which is made with vodka. Adding the salt makes it the Salty Dog, breed be damned.

The Salty Dog Gin Cocktail Ingredients
The Salty Dog Gin Cocktail Ingredients

Some places will tell you that the Greyhound can be made with vodka or gin, which it obviously can. BUT – the two are not interchangeable in terms of tastes. Gin is just better.

The Salty Dog Gin Cocktail

Salt, grapefruit, and gin make this tart and bold drink delicious.


  • 2 Oz. Gin
  • 4 Oz. Grapefruit juice
  • Salt For the rim
  • Lemon or lime or grapefruit As a garnish


  • Salt the rim of your Collins glass.
  • Add ice to your glass.
  • Layer your drink with gin first.
  • Add your grapefruit juice.
  • Stir in the glass.
  • Garnish with your choice of fruits.

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Change up your Salty Dog a smidge.

Of course, the grapefruit juice you choose makes a big difference here. Fresh squeezed is often more intense and can be sweeter than what’s at the store.

Your neighborhood’s market might also have a variety of juices to choose from – pulpy to no pulp, added sugar, the Ruby Red variety, no sugar added, and even fresh-squeezed.

Salty rim
Salty rim

With so many variables, the only way to make this drink is to do a bit of trial and error.

Add some simple syrup, or just plain sugar, to the drink to cut any tartness.

Add more gin to let it stand out a bit more. And get you sloshed a bit faster, but only if you dig that.

Change the salt on your rim. Sea salt is intense, kosher salt has that same texture and dimension with a less salty punch.

If you despise salt, try rimming your glass with sugar instead.

The Salty Dog Cocktail
The Salty Dog Cocktail

If grapefruit is your jam, also consider the Gin Paloma. It’s like this gin cocktail, but fizzier and not so potent with flavors.

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The Salty Dog Gin Cocktail – Pin This