The Pink Hussy 75 FI

The Pink Hussy 75

This drink, the Pink Hussy 75, happened because I invited some friends over for a French 75 Roulette brunch. Basically we just mixed gin and juice and some liqueurs and topped it off with bubbly things.

Pink Hussy 75 with Orange Twist
Pink Hussy 75 with Orange Twist

You can thank Andrea for coming up with this one, and it’s name (ahem). It’s sweet, but not too sweet. The grapefruit really cuts the Pavan, and you can always use less when you make it yourself. If you use a dry Brut for the bubbles portion of your Pink Hussy 75, you will also temper the sweetness a bit. Cheers!

The Pink Hussy 75

Get your fix for a sweeter version of a French 75 with this twist on an old gin classic. The Pink Hussy 75 adds bubbles to gin, Pavan, and grapefruit. Play with the proportions to your taste.


  • 1.5 Oz. Gin
  • 1.5 Oz. Grapefruit juice
  • .5 Oz. Pavan liqueur
  • .25 Oz. Simple syrup
  • Brut To top, for the bubbles. The driest you can find is good here.
  • Orange or lemon or grapefruit twist To make things prettier.


  • In a shaker filled with ice, combine your gin, grapefruit juice, Pavan, and simple syrup.
  • Shake as much as you like.
  • Strain into your champagne glass.
  • Top with Brut and garnish to your heart's content.

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Want to customize your amazing Pink Hussy? Here’s how:

Let your gin and Brut balance out the tart and sweet of the other ingredients.

For less sweet, take the sum of your Pavan and simple syrup down a notch.

For more sweet, nix the simple syrup, go all-in on the Pavan, and call your Dentist.

The Pink Hussy 75 with a Lemon Garnish
Try it with a lemon garnish. If you dare.

Mix up the garnishes that you choose. A simple twist may not be enough citrus bitter for you. You can always express some citrus into your cocktail and then rub the rind along the rim of your champagne glass.

You may want to try a floral garnish for looks if you feel like there’s already enough citrus, or go for a dehydrated piece of something if you want to darken the flavors.

And if Pavan really freaking floats your boat, please do try the Best Heather.

Pink Hussy 75 - Pin This
Pink Hussy 75 – Pin This