Pamplemousse 75 Gin Cocktail FI

Pamplemousse 75

The perfect brunch drink is the Pamplemousse 75! It’s a tiny bit like a mimosa, but much better and definitely more unique. The grapefruit flavors are there to be turned up or down, and you can pair it with any breakfast fare for a great weekend or weekday treat.

Pamplemousse 75 Gin Cocktail
Pamplemousse 75 Gin Cocktail

Pamplemousse is a lovely way to say grapefruit, and if you love liqueurs, this one’s for you. It is perfectly grapefruit-y in flavor, and adds that extra kick of being made with neutral spirits to also give a little punch. Do enjoy this cocktail responsibly, almost all of the ingredients are alcoholic and it does pack a punch.

The Pamplemousse 75 Gin and Bubbles Cocktail

Add gin and grapefruit spirts to juice and Prosecco (or any other bubbles that you like) for a great Pamplemousse 75.


  • .5 Oz. Gin
  • .5 Oz. Pamplemousse liqueur
  • .25 Oz. Grapefruit juice
  • .25 Oz. Simple syrup
  • Garnish of your choice – dehydrated fruit perhaps?


  • You can slowly combine the ingredients right into your glass.
  • Layer the gin, pamplemousse liqueur, grapefruit juice, and simple syrup.
  • Top with your choice of bubbles, like Prosecco.

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Proportions and suggestions for the Pamplemousse 75

I used a smaller champagne flute for this recipe, so I wouldn’t end up drinking SO much alcohol. If you go with a larger champagne flute, try doubling the proportions to fill your glass. Otherwise the flavors will be drowned out by the bubbles. Which may be a good thing?

You can also use a grapefruit syrup instead of the liqueur to create that dramatic concentrate of grapefruit flavor. You may not need to use any juice in that case!

Pamplemousse 75 Gin Cocktail flute
Sip slowly and enjoy!

If you prefer your drinks tart and robust, skip the simple sugar. If you want a super sweet sipper, add more than a quarter of an ounce of simple sugar.

Garnish with what you have! I was out of grapefruits, so I just grabbed a wheel from my jar of oven-dehydrated fruit. They are easy to make and add a nose of unique flavor to many drinks. And they are rather cool looking, too!

Pamplemousse 75 Gin Cocktail 1
Go nuts with the pinning!