• Lavender Lemon Gin and Tonic

    Lavender Lemon Gin and Tonic Cocktail FI

    This gorgeous, and delicious, Lavender Lemon Gin and Tonic also puts on a light show. Using a purple gin, you can change the color of this drink when you add lemon and tonic.

  • Gin and Cabernet Sour

    Gin and Cabernet Sour FI

    The aptly named Gin and Cabernet Sour is a creative and delicious cocktail, and perfect for that leftover red wine. It's gorgeous to boot, and easy to create the layers.

  • BVD Americano

    BVD Americano FI

    The BVD Americano takes a rich and bold rum and gin drink and turns it a bit. Use Cocchi Americano instead of vermouth for new tastes.

  • Jolly Gin Giant

    Jolly Gin Giant Cocktail FI

    This horribly named gin cocktail is a great way to use fresh cucumbers, mint, and basil with gin. I give you, reluctantly, the Jolly Gin Giant. And it's quite good.

  • Iced Cranberry Gin

    Iced Cranberry Gin Cocktail

    If you want your gin cocktail to be delicious, easy, and reminiscent of a perfect summer iced tea, this Iced Cranberry Gin is for you.

  • Cocchi Citrus Spritz

    Cocchi Citrus Spritz FI

    Enjoy a light and refreshing spritz gin cocktail with the Cocchi Citrus Spritz. Gin and Cocchi Americano are joined by fresh citrus and soda for an easy sipping drink.

  • Sweet Citrus and Flowers Gin Cocktail

    Sweet Citrus and Flowers Gin Cocktail FI

    Hang onto your sweet tooth for this gin drink! The Sweet Citrus and Flowers Gin Cocktail is packed with orange flavors and flowers for a sweet treat.

  • Cherry White Negroni

    Cherry White Negroni FI

    A wild take on the classic Negroni gin cocktail, the Cherry White Negroni takes creates more hints of orange and cherry, while toning down the usual bitterness with Cocchi Americano.