Gin and Tonic with Old Tom Gin FI

The Old Tom Gin and Tonic

The most simple, and fantastic, Gin and Tonic can be made into an Old Tom G&T. It’s better. And just as easy.

Old Tom Gin is revived! In the early 2000s, Hayman’s resurrected this style of gin from a recipe popular in 18th century England. Since then, it has been perfected by gin makers such as Tanqueray, Ransom, more.

Gin and Tonic Ingredients with Ransom Old Tom Gin
Gin and Tonic Ingredients with Ransom Old Tom Gin

You might know Old Tom from such classic gin recipes as the Martinez, but to really taste the flavors, try it in a Gin and Tonic. It’s nice middle ground between the dry spice of the London Dry gins and the malty Genever styles of gin. OTG is a bit sweeter and usually has a lovely color, as well.

The Old Tom Gin and Tonic

Explore the "generic" Gin and Tonic by adding some Old Tom gin, instead.


  • 2 Oz. Old Tom Gin You should try them all!
  • 4+ Oz. Tonic Go super plain with your tonic.
  • Lemon Garnish


  • Prepare your Balloon glass by chilling it.
  • Add some fresh ice to your glass, and pour in some Old Tom gin.
  • Tonic goes on top.
  • Stir and garnish with a lemon twist.

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Old Tom Gin in a Balloon glass
Old Tom Gin in a Balloon glass

Make this Gin and Tonic drink your own.

The simple twist of a lemon in a balloon glass adds aroma to your drink. For fans of citrus, use another rind to express into your drink or rub on the rim of your balloon glass.

Try some different Old Tom gins. Some are sweeter, some are maltier, some have deep and beautiful color.

You should also try this cocktail with your favorite fruits, such as berries, citrus, or any other sweet-ish flavor you care to add, but avoid adding too much. The Old Tom flavor still needs to shine.

Old Tom Gin and Tonic
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