Mae Rose Gin Cocktail with Lemon Garnish FI

The Mae Rose

Yes, another pink drink, courtesy of our favorite bitter flavoring, Campari. The Mae Rose is a delightfully complicated drink, with hints of wonderful grapefruit. It’s also wickedly strong, and makes for a wonderful cocktail to sip.

Mae Rose Gin Cocktail
Mae Rose Gin Cocktail

This cocktail is usually served with a grapefruit twist to play off the Pamplemousse in the recipe. I used a sweetened and partially dried lemon slice to balance the bitter flavors from the Campari. I’m sure you could make one of these fantastic little sweet and tart wheels, but I found ’em at Trader Joe’s.

The Mae Rose Gin Cocktail

This list of weird ingredients that you might think have no business with each other actually do. It's bitter and sweet and gin-tastic.


  • 1.5 Oz. Gin
  • 1 Oz. Dry vermouth
  • .5 Oz. Campari
  • .5 Oz. Pamplemousse Grapefruit liqueur
  • Fruit twist for garnish


  • In your mixing glass, combine your gin, dry vermouth, Campari, and Pamplemousse.
  • Stir things up vigorously. With ice.
  • Strain into your glass of choice.
  • Garnish with your fruit of choice, grapefruit is the traditional choice.

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And Campari is what?

Apéritif drinks, like ones made with Campari, are served before a meal, and aim to ready the body for a delicious dinner. Campari adds a lot of herbal flavors, with some citrus also. Thanks, Italy, for this treat.

Mae Rose Gin Cocktail with Lemon Garnish
Mae Rose Gin Cocktail with Lemon Garnish

Tips for making your best Mae Rose.

Adjust the Campari to your liking. The recipe calls for half an ounce, you can probably go with a quarter of an ounce if you like.

Sweet vermouth could also be subbed in for the dry vermouth, to help sweeten things up.

Use your garnish to play up the sweet and citrus. And enjoy! If you like subtle Campari flavors, you will probably also love the Gin and Campari Old Fashioned and even the Jasmine. Pink drinks, unite!

Mae Rose Gin Cocktail with Lemon Garnish - Pin This
Mae Rose Gin Cocktail with Lemon Garnish – Pin This