Gin and Juice with Raspberry FI

Gin and Juice

Can you find an easier and more delicious gin cocktail to make than the Gin and Juice? Probably not.

I’m pretty sure this Gin and Juice cocktail came before the song. It’s easy, light, and can be mixed to your liking. The simplicity of this cocktail ranks up there with the Gin and Tonic, but with many different tastes. It’s more “brunchy” than most gin drinks.

Speaking of brunch drinks, you can always add champagne to this cocktail for some added punch of alcohol and bubbles. A two for one special, if you will.

Gin and Orange Juice
Gin and Juice

You can easily make this your own style with mixing up the garnishes or mixing up the juices, but for this easy gin cocktail, it’s just orange juice and gin.

You might find that you want (or need?) some more gin, or some more juice, or some more edible garnishes. Start with this recipe and have fun tasting and eating some options.

The Gin and Juice Cocktail

The easiest and tastiest gin cocktail, just mix and add your favorite fruit.


  • 2 Oz. Gin Your pick.
  • Fill the rest Orange Juice


  • I like to make this one in the rocks glass, so it becomes even easier.
  • Fill your rocks glass with ice, add the gin.
  • Top with Orange juice, and stir.
  • Garnish with orange peel, or an orange slice, or any other fresh fruit you have.

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Variations on this theme of fruit and spirit!

Change your juice. Try grapefruit or grape (?) or tomato (really ?????). If you try the tomato, let me know how it goes.

Change your gin. Go for a super herbal gin to contrast the sugary juice, or go citrus based gin to bring it up a notch.

Garnish with something that you can nibble on and consider it one serving of fruit for the day.

Gin and Juice with Raspberry
Gin and Juice with Raspberries

Gin and Juice with Raspberry Pin
Gin and Juice with Raspberry Garnish. Pin this!