Gin and Ginger Martini FI

The Gin and Ginger Martini

There’s no mincing words here – either you love ginger, or you don’t. If you happen to love ginger, the Gin and Ginger Martini is absolutely right up your alley. If you love ginger and the thought of a large dose of potent alcohol is not your thing, try the Gin and Ginger instead. Same flavors, less potency, less alcohol.

Gin and Ginger Martini Ingredients
Gin and Ginger Martini Ingredients

This is absolutely a martini to be sipped slowly, and the longer it sits in your glass, the smoother the flavors become. The hint of lemon is a great way to temper the ginger potency, and tweaking of the recipe is always encouraged.

The Gin and Ginger Martini

Simple ingredients give gin some gingery punchy with a hint of lemon in this variation of a gin martini. Happy sipping!


  • 2 Oz. Gin
  • 1 Oz. Ginger liqueur
  • Splash Lemon juice
  • Lemon twist, wheel, rind for garnish


  • In your shaker, combine your gin, ginger liqueur, and a splash of lemon with some ice.
  • Give it all a good shake.
  • Strain into your pre-chilled martini glass and garnish with your choice of lemon.

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Can your Gin and Ginger Martini get more gingery?

SURE IT CAN. Instead of something lemon to garnish your drink, use a candied ginger. Nothing says “the ginger taste will haunt you for hours” quite like one of these little sinus-clearing candies.

Candied Ginger Tidbits
Candied Ginger Tidbits

If this sounds like a hugely horrible idea, use some sort of lemon to garnish your cocktail. I chose to use a candied lemon wedge, and in a way, I “cheated” to get it. They are readily available at your local Trader Joe’s, and work well in all sorts of cocktails and libations. The sweetness of the candied lemon starts to balance the ginger flavors well.

For more intense lemon flavor, add a bit more of fresh lemon juice to your shaker. Use an expression of lemon oil or a lemon twist to decorate things, and change up the lemon flavor.

Gin and Ginger Martini with Sugared Lemon Wheel 2
Gin and Ginger Martini with Sugared Lemon Wheel

Sip slowly and enjoy!

Gin and Ginger Martini - Pin this
Gin and Ginger Martini – Pin This!