Gin and Cabernet Sour FI

Gin and Cabernet Sour

For wine lovers, and gin lovers, the Gin and Cabernet Sour is a win. It’s tart, relatively easy to make, boozy, and just absolutely delicious. It’s a great drink to toss together if you have just a smidge of red wine left. Waste not, want not!

Gin and Cabernet Sour with Orange

The recipe calls for Cointreau, but any orange liqueur will do well here. Your lemon juice is best when it’s fresh, and the gin can be your favorite. I stuck with the seemingly boring, but reliable for mixed drinks, London dry. What a faithful companion, that gin.

Gin and Cabernet Sour

The aptly named Gin and Cabernet Sour is a creative and delicious cocktail, and perfect for that leftover red wine. It's gorgeous to boot, and easy to create the layers.


  • 1.5 Oz. Gin
  • .75 Oz. Cointreau
  • .75 Oz. Simple syrup
  • .75 Oz. Lemon juice
  • .75 Oz. Red wine, preferably a cabernet


  • Mix all of your ingredients, except for the red wine, in a cocktail shaker with ice.
  • Strain your mixture into your glass.
  • Using the back of a bar spoon, slowly pour the red wine on the spoon and let it slide onto the top of your drink.

For another gin and wine drinks, this time with white wine, check out the Sauvignon Gin.

Gin and Cabernet Sour with Wine Float
Slowly and surely you can float the red wine.

How to make the Gin and Cabernet Sour.

It’s not necessary to float the red wine after you have mixed all of your ingredients, but you can always give it a go. To create the layered look, slowly pour your red wine over the back of a bar spoon, or regular spoon. Make sure the spoon is quite close to your drink, or even poking in just a bit.

You may want to taste the drink without mixing the red wine in, it certainly does change the flavors. Or, take your insta pics and then stir it all up in your glass before you take a sip. Or do both.

I find that bold reds do best in this drink, like a cabernet or even a super Tuscan or something along those lines.

Cheers! May the decisions you make be wise.

Gin and Cabernet Sour 1
Thank you for sharing this great drink!