The Foghorn - Old Tom Gin, Lime, and Ginger FI

The Foghorn Gin Cocktail – Old Tom and Ginger

Ginger lovers get ready to be rocked – the Foghorn is a great way to enjoy some Old Tom gin and some amazing ginger flavors. There’s a bit of lime tossed in for posterity, just in case. You could use ginger ale, but I made this one with some wildly spicy ginger beer to really zing things up.

The Foghorn - Old Tom Gin, Lime, and Ginger

The beauty, and complexity, of this recipe is that there are large variances in the flavors of any given Old Tom style gin from another brand’s. So you really have to play with what you have. Same goes for the ginger beer or ginger ale – how much bite do you want in your cocktail? As for the lime, that’s pretty standard – use fresh!

The Foghorn Gin Cocktail

Get spiced up with the Foghorn cocktail. Ginger beer, Old Tom gin, and lime make this three ingredient cocktail super easy!


  • 2 Oz. Old Tom gin
  • .5 Oz. Fresh lime juice
  • 4 Oz. Ginger beer


  • Make this cocktail in your glass!
  • First, add some ice to your Collins glass.
  • Add your Old Tom gin and lime juice. You may give it all a stir now, or not.
  • Top with ginger beer or ginger ale. Then give things a good and swift stir.

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The Foghorn - Old Tom Gin, Lime, and Ginger
Delightfully simple.

What’s up with the Old Tom in the Foghorn?

At one point, traveling back in time to England at the height on gin’s popularity, the powers that were decided to get all tax happy. So the people got creative. Bars and taverns hung signs depicting large old cats, the Old Tom, and folks could deposit a coin and get a drink though a pipe from the inside. Crafty!

That’s the rumor anyway. What we know about Old Tom gin now is that some are clear. Some are various shades of gold. Some are barrel aged. Some are fresh. Some are sweet, some are malty.

Which is WHY the Foghorn can have so many end results. It’s really about the Old Tom and the ginger ale or ginger beer that you add.

The Foghorn Old Tom Gin Cocktail 5
The Foghorn Old Tom Gin Cocktail 5