Elderflower collins gin cocktail FI

The Elderflower Collins Gin Cocktail

Sit back and relax with this light and fizzy Elderflower Collins Gin Cocktail. It’s easy to make sweeter, tarter, or more bubbly than the recipe. Your pick.

Elderflower Collins Ingredients
Elderflower Collins Ingredients

Elderflower liquors, like St. Germaine, are fairly sweet, as they are derived from the elderflowers that bloom on the elderberry bush. Now you know.

The Tom Collins recipe is basically a ginny and fizzy lemonade, this recipe is a quick twist on that for another layer of flavor. The elderflower liquor adds some sticky floral sweet flavors that are absent in the original Tom Colling gin cocktail.

The Elderflower Collins


  • 1.5 Oz Gin Try a simple gin, like Bombay.
  • .5 Oz Lemon juice Go for the fresh squeezed
  • .25 Oz Elderflower liquor St. Germain is my go-to
  • .25 Oz Simple Syrup Make it yourself, it's easy.
  • Top with Seltzer water If you want. Add a lot for extra bubbles.


  • Find your favorite Collins glass and let it chill out.
  • You can make this drink in the glass and stir it, so super convenient to clean up.
  • Add fresh ice to your glass, and then start to layer your flavors.
  • Gin first.
  • Then Lemon.
  • Then Elderflower liquor.
  • Then SImple.
  • Stir in the glass and enjoy.
  • You can garnish with your choice of flavors here. Some lemon peel, a lemon wedge, or even lychee to really bring out the elderflower. If you can find lychee in your local market. Flowers are also a super garnish for this casual and light drink.

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Make the Elderflower Collins your own!

Use a more floral gin than a London dry. You could even *GASP* use a botanical or floral vodka but that’s a story for another blog.

Add another citrus flavor with another juice, other than lemon. Orange? Lime? Pomegranate? Strawberry?

Elderflower Collins gin cocktail
Elderflower Collins gin cocktail

Garnish with edible flowers or perhaps a garnish that you can eat. Like a slice of fruit. This really makes any cocktail more of a meal.

Use Seedlips for a semi non-alcoholic version of the Elderflower Collins.

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