Cubata Cocktail FI

The Cubata Gin Cocktail

This lovely and caffeinated cocktail pairs cola with gin, and lime, to make the Cubata. If you can, find the very delicious Coca Cola in the glass bottle, with real cane sugar instead of the high fructose corn syrup that seems to exist everywhere.

Cubata Cocktail Ingredients
Cubata Cocktail Ingredients – Lime, Cola, Gin.

Part of the allure of this drink is that is can give you two types of buzzes – the jolt of caffeine and the sleepy punch of alcohol. This recipe turns out a bit too limey for me, and a bit too gin forward for my hubby, but after a few minutes swirling in the glass it was pretty damn good.

The Cubata

Delightful gin riff of the traditional Cuba Libre. Easy drinking and only three simple ingredients.


  • 2 Oz. Gin
  • .5 Oz. Lime juice
  • Coke to finish
  • Lime garnish, twist or wedge.


  • As your rocks glass is chilling, combine your gin and lime juice in a shaker.
  • Mix things up, for about 20 seconds or so.
  • Strain into your rocks glass, which has fresh ice.
  • Finish your drink with Cola.
  • Garnish with a lime. Express a rind, or add a twist, or use a wedge.

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Make this Cubata to your tastes.

Using fresh squeezed juices always has a different taste, so play around with the proportions of this drink. I originally thought I could do with .25 Oz of lime juice, but after this gin cocktail swirls a bit, it all mellows out.

You can also lighten up on the gin, which I find to be in the background already. If you plan on sipping this drink for eons and letting all of the ice melt, you will definitely notice the gin flavors fading.

The Cubata - Gin and Cola and LIme
The Cubata – Gin and Cola and Lime.

You can make this drink in a rocks glass or a collins glass, it really depends on how much you like your cola taste.

You can always try the Cuba Libre with gin, too, this cousin of the Cubata gin cocktail has more ingredients and therefore more complex flavors, too. Both make excellent brunch drinks!

Cubata Gin Cocktail - Pin this!
Cubata Gin Cocktail – Pin this!