Cocchi Citrus Spritz FI

Cocchi Citrus Spritz

This cocktail, the Cocchi Citrus Spritz, is a great way to empty your fridge of some fresh fruit and also enjoy a wickedly simple and delish gin cocktail. I would definitely call this a summer drink. The fruit and flavors of the Cocchi Americano pair well with the snap of gin.

Cocchi Citrus Spritz with Fruit

Cocchi Americano is a unique flavor, bringing some quinine, wine, and herbal tones with it. Gin is, well, just amazing and versatile. Cocchi is such a treat, being a relatively “mild” apéritif, that you don’t want some wacky and wild gin taking over here. Let the mild bitterness of the cocchi and the tones there do the talking in this drink.

Cocchi Citrus Spritz

Enjoy a light and refreshing spritz gin cocktail with the Cocchi Citrus Spritz. Gin and Cocchi Americano are joined by fresh citrus and soda for an easy sipping drink.


  • 2 Oz. Gin
  • 2 Oz. Cocchi Americano
  • Soda to top
  • Fresh citrus slices


  • You can make this drink right in the glass!
  • Add ice, then start to layer your ingredients.
  • Jam in your citrus fruit slices, the more the merrier.
  • Add your gin and Cocchi Americano.
  • Swirl around with your bar spoon.
  • Then top with soda for some added fizz.

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Cocchi Citrus Spritz
There’s a lot less to clean when you can just mix your gin in a glass!

About the Cocchi Citrus Spritz

What the heck is Cocchi Americano anyway? It’s an apéritif, that’s a bit like herbed wine with a touch of liquor and spice. Cocchi is definitely mild, compared to other apéritifs out there. There is a subtle hint of bitter. OH – and like Cocchi’s cousin, the vermouth, do store this in the fridge for a few weeks.

Add whatever citrus flavors you have on hand. Or whatever fruits you may have just hanging out. The beauty of this drink is it’s absolute simplicity and flexibility.

Cheers, and make good choices!

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