Cider and Gin Cocktail with Rosé and Apple Garnish FI

Cider and Gin Cocktail

This Cider and Gin cocktail is not only pretty, it’s fresh and light. Your choice of cider could make this fresh and summer, or cold weather ready. This version features rosé cider, which adds a light apple taste as well as a fresh wine flavor.

Cider and Gin Cocktail Ingredients 2
Cider and Gin Cocktail Ingredients, Mint is optional

Bring up your favorite flavors in this drink by adding the best garnish. Use apples to highlight the cider, or use juniper or herbs to highlight the gin. Using a citrus garnish will bring up the tart lemon flavors.

Cider and Gin Cocktail

A bright and fresh gin cocktail with cider and fruit juice.


  • 2 Oz. Gin
  • .5 Oz. Lemon juice
  • .5 Oz. Simple syrup
  • Your favorite cider Make it a "virgin" cider for less alcohol.


  • Chill your glass, a rocks glass works well for this drink.
  • Add your gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup to the shaker with ice.
  • Stir it all up, and strain into your rocks glass that has fresh ice.
  • Top with your cider and garnish with apple, lemon, or your herb or spice of choice.

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Mix your Cider and Gin Cocktail up a bit!

Rosé cider makes things more summery, with apple and mint.

Or go for a rich cider for cooler weather. You may want to add a cinnamon stick here to pair with the “pumpkin spiced” season.

If you want more tart with your sweet, sweet cider, use more lemon juice and garnish with lemon oil or a wedge.

This cocktail is a bit heavy on the alcohol, so add a sparkling, non-alcoholic cider instead of the hard cider.

Cider and Gin Cocktail with Rosé and Apple Garnish
Cider and Gin Cocktail, made with rosé cider and an apple garnish

What to eat with your cider and gin drink!

If you go for the light and fruity summer version with rosé cider, pair with picnic or brunch foods. Salads, veggie flatbreads, easy food.

In the cooler weather, a deeper and darker cider would pair well with anything hearty. But I think brunch is still the best time to drink this cocktail.

If you like apple flavors in drinks, you might also like the Gin and Bitters recipe. This drink is lots of great gin flavor with hints of apple.

Cider and Gin Cocktail
Gin and Cider Cocktail