• The Aperol Zest

    Aperol Zest with Aperol and Pavan FI

    The Aperol Zest is a delightful orange based cocktail, borrowing tones from Pavan and Aperol to use with gin. Add some lime juice to round it all out.

  • The Lumiere Light

    Lumiere Light with Chartreuse and Elderflower and Lime FI

    Such a strange drink! Boldly herbal Chartreuse hangs out with Elderflower and lime for a surprising mash of flavors.

  • Riviera Rose Gin Cocktail

    Riviera Rose Gin Cocktail with Limes FI

    This gin drink is all about *mostly* subtle flavors, and the Riviera Rose features the cucumber-y and rosy Hendrick’s Gin. It’s sometimes bright pink, and sometimes not – ingredients vary, so don’t be alarmed if you have a drink somewhere between pale and rose red. This is a relatively easy drink to make, and I’ll even throw some variations down below if you like. Hendrick’s gin is your base alcohol…

  • Adult Cherry Limeade, Made 2 ways!

    Adult Cherry Limeade with Sparkling Water FI

    Nostalgia is a powerful feeling, and the Adult Cherry Limeade brings it all back for me. That not too sweet, not too tart summer refresher. I can even taste the candy-like maraschino cherry dropped into the drink in a quasi garnish for a syrup drink in a styrofoam cup. Not today, this alcoholic version packs fresh fruit with gin and optional bubbles. That would be the second way to enjoy…

  • Sauvignon Gin Cocktail

    Sauvignon Gin Cocktail with Mint and Lemon FI

    If there’s ever a time you can’t decide betweeen a cocktail and a glass of wine, make a Sauvignon Gin cocktail. Best of both worlds. The gin in this drink amps up the punch, and there’s plenty of wine flavors left to enjoy. And it’s really easy to make! You could use any white wine for this drink, I just prefer the dry varieties. Any white would do, and know…

  • Gin is my Jam Cocktail

    Gin is my Jam FI

    Yes, the Gin is my Jam cocktail has actual jam in it. WHY NOT? It’s a lot easier than making a syrup, and a great way to use the last bits of a jar of raspberry jam. Although I suppose you could also use strawberry? This was the first time that we made this recipe, so we used a more neutral London Dry gin. HOWEVER, it’s also great to pair…

  • The Feisty Pony Gin Refresher

    Feisty Pony Gin Refresher FI

    Sometimes you accidentally stumble upon a great concoction and create a Feisty Pony. But you can’t think of a catchy name, so you tell your bud it’s gingery, with a hint of flowery. And an inkling of lime and mint. And you mention that it’s spicy, depending on the ginger beer you use, and she calls it the Feisty Pony. A tip of the hat to a mule, only better.…

  • The Slow Friday

    Slow Friday Gin Cocktail FI

    The Slow Friday gin cocktail checks off lots of boxes here – fruity without sweet, slow sipping, hint of tang, and gin. And sure, this drink it totally made up, accidentally in fact. But isn’t that how all drinks get started? Ginger is what makes this drink easy and surprising. We made it with Domaine de Canton, that delightfully punchy and bold ginger liqueur, as featured in the potent Gin…

  • Pamplemousse 75

    Pamplemousse 75 Gin Cocktail FI

    The perfect brunch drink is the Pamplemousse 75! It’s a tiny bit like a mimosa, but much better and definitely more unique. The grapefruit flavors are there to be turned up or down, and you can pair it with any breakfast fare for a great weekend or weekday treat. Pamplemousse is a lovely way to say grapefruit, and if you love liqueurs, this one’s for you. It is perfectly grapefruit-y…